Winter Head Coverage

I was getting more and more comfortable with my bald head out in public, when suddenly the cold weather kicked in. We don’t live where it gets especially cold, but I’ve now found that I am comfortable in my hat as the rain comes down and the wet-cold sticks around. I wonder how easy it will be to “go back” to being outwardly bald when the weather warms up, and I am a bit disappointed that I allowed myself to be uncomfortably hot the other day in the local Starbucks, when all I had to do was take my hat off. I’ve had more and more opportunities to have teaching moments about alopecia, and am excited about the future impact I can make on those around me. I have a big educational talk in late March where I look forward to raising alopecia awareness to a whole new level. Maybe that will be my jump-start back into bald comfort.


3 thoughts on “Winter Head Coverage

  1. What an awesome blog , my grandson never wears a cap or anything on his head but living on the Gulf Coast and completely bald from 18 months TO 17 YEARS OLD now. He always has a head that glows from all the sun screen. I live in Denver so he is coming soon to visit so I will remember this article as he will need to cover up as we go up into the mountains to ski. I will understand more what he might be feeling. Thanks for the share.

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